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What we do

Deep in Nature runs fun, engaging nature classes, workshops and parties to help children explore, study and understand the natural world.
Through our activities, children will develop practical scientific skills and knowledge games, through hands-on investigations and interactive presentations into native and exotic nature.
  • How does a gecko stick to walls when it climbs?
  • Why do gibbons sing?
  • What is a pooter and how do you use it?

Interested in our nature classes?

Do you want to find out the answers to these questions about nature, and much, much more? Click here to find out about our classes and workshops or contact us.
Following lockdown, we are now open for parties and our weekly Home Educator class. We can’t wait to see you and share some of the things we have been working on over lockdown to make our exploration of the natural world even more fun. All activities will be conducted in a COVID-19 secure way but please get in touch if you would like further details.
If you are currently self-isolating, you can still get involved and expand your knowledge of the natural world. Follow us on Facebook, where we share lots of information on interesting online talks and events we’ve discovered.