Deep in Nature aims to help children to connect with and explore the natural world. Classes include a mix of indoor activities and outside exploration. Based at Kinsbourne Common Hall, we can take advantage of the local woodland and meadow habitats just outside to learn about native wildlife and introduce the children to scientific equipment and wildlife surveying techniques. 

Among the many techniques we explore are setting up quadrats, using pooters to collect small insects, conducting meadow sweeps using nets and bird watching using binoculars. Children are supported to use reference materials to identify and properly document and record their findings and then shown how to return any specimens to their original habitats.

We also learn about more exotic wildlife using video, audio recordings, photos and reference books. We look at a range of different habitats including rainforests and deserts. Classes cover interesting individual species across the animal kingdom in terms of their biology, behaviour and social structures as well as looking at how species are ecologically connected.

Children are introduced to different observation techniques and explore specimen trays using microscopes to examine different items. They are also encouraged to practice their recording and drawing skills to measure, weigh and draw the various natural specimens either collected or provided.

We also look at key figures in the development of natural history including Carl Linnaeus, Mary Anning, Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace as well more recent figures including David Attenborough and Jane Goodall.

All of this is done through games and hands-on practical activities to captivate the next generation of naturalists!